KRON 4’s The BackStory – Episode 9

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Justine covers a student assault at UC Berkley.  JR Stone tracks down buses in Oakland that have no air conditioning.  Terisa Estacio follows 9/11 ceremonies in the East Bay.


KRON 4 will air a revealing six-part series taking viewers inside the newsroom and following reporters in the field to show how the station reports the news every day.

KRON 4’s ‘The BackStory’ airs a new episode each Sunday at 9:30 p.m.

“There is something naturally compelling about a newsroom and what it takes to gather news every day. We’re a unique station willing to take chances when it comes to developing local programming and we think people will be fascinated by this untold, unscripted series.” says KRON 4 VP/General Manager Ashley Gold Messina.

KRON 4 produces 56 ½ hours of local news each week. ‘The BackStory’ follows the triumphs and failures of managers, reporters and anchors as they decide the content of a daily newscast. How are these stories chosen? Who decides what’s important to our viewers?

What are the challenges covering news for 6 million people in the San Francisco Bay Area? ‘The BackStory’ puts viewers at the assignment desk, in the news van and next to the anchors as the newscast unfolds. The reporters are real. The stories are real. The stresses are real.

Broadcasting since 1949, KRON 4 provides local news and syndicated entertainment to the San Francisco Bay Area. KRON 4 is The Bay Area’s News Station with the area’s only newscast at 8pm and six hours of news in the morning. KRON 4 is always online at

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