Video: Halloween costume makeup could be toxic to children


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) —  As Halloween approaches, and you and your little ones look for scary costumes, there is a warning that some get-ups could be toxic to your kids.

As you sniff out the stores for something ghoulish, you might want to give it the smell test.

“If it smells weird, then there’s probably some chemical that you’re breathing in,” Center for Environmental Health spokeswoman Carolyn Cox said. “That’s why it smells bad.”

Cox said watch for heavy metals, and we don’t mean rock music.

“We definitely don’t want kids exposed to lead, there’s no question about that,” Cox said.

And not just lead, but other chemical agents that have been found in some face paints used by kids.

“There’s cheap makeup out there all over the place, and I’m always concerned about because it’s very toxic. If it is something you choose to get, I’d keep it away from the mouth. Nothing on the lips. Nothing on the eyes. If your child has a propensity to have skin issues, avoid it at all costs.”

Kalesis is a professional make up artist for fashion and films. Some other tips she shares — hygiene.

Spray-on hair paint can be scary especially for little ones.

“Make sure they’re not of an age to be chewing on their hair or putting their hair in the mouth, ’cause it’s not intended for that at all,” Kalesis said. Of course, it is flammable.”

When it comes to costumes, be sure you can see out. And give the little ones light sticks, so they stick out in the dark.

When in doubt, get creative and make your own costume. Bottom line — if you’re dressing up as a zombie, make sure it doesn’t turn you into a real one!

You don’t want the scariest part of Halloween to be your makeup. Our makeup artist has lots more tips we didn’t have time to include.

So, here are some more —>

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