My KRON 4: Sharp objects on ground harming pets in Oakland


OAKLAND (KRON) — Dangerous objects that are harmful to pets have been discovered on the ground in an East Bay neighborhood.

One resident there shows KRON the local park where these sharp objects have been spotted.

“So, there was a tack that went right here in between his little toes, right here,” pet owner Matt Renner said.

Renner is showing where his dog Samson was slightly injured after stepping on one of the sharp thumbtacks at Mandana Park in Oakland’s Lakeshore neighborhood.

He said he is not the only one who has seen the tacks

“…Recently found some at the park where kids play every day,” Renner said.

He said his neighbors have been communicating about the problem, but so far, no one has spotted the culprit

“I have no idea who is doing it,” Renner said.

However, he said he is certain that the thumbtacks are not accidentally finding their way onto the ground.

“When they’re sitting here like this, it is pretty obvious that they are placed to hurt somebody,” Renner said.

Children, parents, pets, Renner said, are equally in danger of being injured, so he contacted KRON to help get the word out.

“I just think it’s important that the public knows what’s going on…until this behavior stops,” Renner said.

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