Video: How to keep your children safe on Halloween


SAUSALITO (KRON) — Halloween is just two days away, and some parents are worried about their kids’ safety.

Child safety expert Marc Klaas talked about the precautions that should be taken for safety’s sake. Snakes and lizards and other things that go bump in the night are fake, scary, and part of the fun of the Halloween experience.

But, there are real life dangers out in the world that can be avoided if a few precautions are made.

“I think a very good rule is if children are under 12, they should be in a group and accompanied by an adult or, at the very least, a teenage brother or sister,” Klaas said.

Klaas offers more good, common sense advice, as well as other things to consider.

“I would check with Megan’s Law to find out who the sex offenders are, and you can do that on our website, and then ensure that your children avoid those homes,” Klaas said.

Klaas said there are other dangers too.

“You should talk about their trick-or-treating plans before they go out, and find out approximately when they are coming back,” Klaas said. “It’s better to have their faces painted and not a mask so they can see. It’s a good idea to wear something bright so that cars can see them. It’s good to have a flashlight. It’s good to walk on sidewalks, and it’s good to use the crosswalks.”

Klaas said in addition to those tips, tell your kids to never enter the home of someone they don’t know.

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