Video: Prominent San Francisco dentist arrested in New York in major drug bust


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Police in New York have arrested a prominent San Francisco dentist in a major drug bust.

He was caught in an alleged cross-country drug smuggling operation. The dentist, who has an office in the Mission District, was the target of a New York City undercover investigation.

Dr. Jerome Weitz is accused of selling massive amounts of marijuana. Weitz promoted his dental practice as pot-friendly in videos posted on his YouTube website.

“That is why at Mission Dental Health, we are encouraging cannabis users and smokers alike to visit the dentist more often,” Weitz said in the video.

The 63-year old worked out of an office at 23rd and Mission streets. His co-workers at Mission Dental Health are in disbelief.

The dentist is charged with criminal sale of marijuana and conspiracy. A photo from the New York Special Narcotics Prosecutor shows the money and marijuana related to the case. BE69682C7B314B308EECFB6CC211381C

Allegedly, the married father of two was in possession of more than $10,000 in cash and on his way to get paid for a large amount of weed in Yonkers. He got caught when detectives were doing an undercover operation on the man he allegedly was selling to.

Investigators believe he took over the trafficking duties from his son after his drug arrest this summer. The son is currently serving a one-year jail sentence.

“The way I see it, we all make mistakes in life and some can be more scandalous than others,” one employee said.

At his practice, Weitz’s awards and certifications hang proudly on the walls. Coworkers tell KRON after working in San Francisco for years, he is now retired, but oversees the office operations.

The allegations do not fit the man they know, coworkers said.

“I am concerned about him for sure,” another employee said. “I appreciate him as my boss and have a lot of respect for him,” Dr. Cecilia Cardenas said.

Dr. Weitz is being held on $75,000 bail. The dental office said even with him under arrest, they will still see patients tomorrow.

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