Only on KRON: Video shows carjacking in-progress at East Bay convenience store


CONCORD (KRON) — A carjacking in progress was caught on camera at an East Bay convenience store in early November.

Investigators said incidents like this happen all too often. The suspect is still on the loose, police said, but not before slamming into several cars before he got away.

In the video, a man is seen getting inside a white minivan that is parked at the convenience store’s parking lot. But the owner of the vehicle ran out of the store and attempts to stop him.

“He actually confronted the suspect, as he was stealing the car,” Concord police Cpt. Chris Blakely said. “That is why we’re ruling this as a carjacking.”

It happened back on Nov. 2 at around 8 p.m. at the 7-Eleven convenience store in the Dana Plaza in Concord

“The victim pulled into the front parking lot, parked in front of the 7-Eleven, left his keys in the car because he was only going inside the store to make a quick purchase. When he was inside the store, he noticed that there was a suspect who was entering his vehicle. At that point, he immediately dropped everything in the store, ran outside, and confronted the suspect to try and pull him out of the vehicle, puts the car in drive, strikes two vehicles. From there, the victim kind of breaks away from the suspect to get some help from another citizen who is coming out of the store, and the suspect from there puts the car in reverse, strikes another car in the parking lot before he puts it in drive, and ultimately drives out toward Concord Boulevard. All this happens in a matter of seconds,” Blakely said.

And it happens all too frequently.

“You just saw someone do what our victim did last week…pulled in real quickly, the car on, stereo’s on, obviously you can still hear it, and they’re going in to make a quick purchase,” Blakely said.

That person left the key in the ignition. He was not carjacked, but police are reminding residents to be more careful when parking their cars.

Concord police have a limited description of the suspect. He is described as a white male, with a heavy build in his 30s with a shaved head.

The victim’s vehicle is a 2001 Chevy Astro van, white in color, with the license plate 6GGN983.

Anyone with information on the suspect or the vehicle is asked to contact Concord police.

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