Community outraged after an 8-year-old girl is caught with marijuana at school

PATASKALA, Ohio (WCMH)–Police say the little girl was caught, last week, in the bathroom at Pataskala Elementary School trying to light a baggie of pot. Now they’re trying to figure out how she got it.

The police chief and superintendent aren’t talking, but the town sure is. Police recovered some of the marijuana and a lighter, but no drug paraphernalia.

The incident has some in Pataskala saying it’s a good thing the recreational marijuana bill didn’t pass.

“It’s just even hard to imagine that an 8-year-old would have something like that,” says retired Southwest Licking Schools’ Teacher Pat Poole.

That an 8-year-old was caught in school with marijuana is just too much. She says, “It breaks my heart.”

A statement from the Police Department say officers were called last Wednesday after an employee caught the girl trying to light a baggie of marijuana in a restroom.

“Where did it come from and how do you stop it from getting back into kids’ hands,” says James Abbot of Amanda, Ohio.

Abbot, the grandfather of six says the case makes him even more concerned about the push to legalize recreational marijuana. He says if it had been one of his kids, “Lookout! Grandpa’s on the rampage.”

Details about where the marijuana came from are still unclear. The little girl was suspended from school and child protective services are now involved.

Meanwhile, Poole says parents can’t be too careful. “You just have to be watchful,” she says.

The little girl’s mother didn’t want to talk. Pataskala police are still investigating and so far no charges have been filed.

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