Tech Report: The shatterproof smartphone


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — If you have ever cracked the screen on your phone, the maker of one smartphone might have a solution for you.

The Motorola Droid Turbo 2 makers said it is the world’s first device with a shatterproof and crackproof screen. Screens can easily crack, so this seems like a bold promise.

Tech Reporter Gabe Slate has been trying to drop the phone on hard surfaces all day. He said he is really impressed that the phone has survived over a dozen drops.

He said there was no crack or shatter on the screen. So far, it is holding up.

So, Gabe wanted to take it to the pros and see what they thought about this phone.

SquareTrade, a gadget warranty company based online, said they do thourough testing of all phones that hit the market. And DropBot, a phone-dropping robot, dropped the phone from 6 feet about 10 times.

Then, they drove over it with a car that typically cracks most smartphone displays.

“Back in September, we tested the iPhone 6s.” SquareTrade spokeswoman Jessica Hoffman said. “We dropped it on the sidewalk, face down, one time, and this is what it looked like [cracked]. In comparison with the Droid Turbo 2, 10 drops face down — no shatter at all. So, we’re pretty impressed. However, we also did the bend test, and I would say it’s about twice as bendable as the iPhone 6s. For most people, you still want to consider a protection plan, something for as low as $5 a month like SquareTrade.”

Although it is shatterproof, keep in mind it is not scratch proof or shockproof. It did pick up scratches during the day of testing.

And if you hit it with a hammer or threw it down on pavement as hard as you could, it would shatter or crack on the display.

So if you are clumsy or worried about your teens having expensive phones, this could be a phone worth taking a look at.


5 layer system explained:

An integrated system of five layers specifically designed to absorb shock and never shatter.

It starts with a rigid aluminum core that provides structural integrity and durability.

On top of that, we’ve added in a stunning AMOLED flexible display. Using a flexible display absorbs shock and makes it possible to flex during a drop versus breaking like most screens.

Then, a dual touch layer with redundancy was created to help it survive accidents. Often, after a drop, the touch layer can go bad and your touch doesn’t work as well. So we‘ve added a failsafe mechanism.

The next layer is the interior lens which provides a clear protective shield that won’t crack or shatter.

Lastly, we topped it off with an exterior lens that has a unique hardcoat that helps protect the display against normal wear and tear.



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