Video: New technology could expedite process of getting fans through security at Super Bowl 50


SANTA CLARA (KRON) — Super Bowl 50 is now less than three months away, and thousands of people will be packed into Levi’s Stadium.

But a new technology could expedite the process of getting fans through security. If the NFL wants to implement it, there is a possible solution out there that could dramatically reduce wait times and streamline the process to get into Levi’s Stadium.

It works with you first putting your bag in the scanning device. And then you pick it up on the other side, all in a matter of seconds.

“So the concept was that to take different types of technologies, fuse them together, make them very smart, automatic, so that we can make decisions in a very quick amount of time, get a lot of people through,” Qylur founder and CEO Dr. Lisa Dolev said.

Developed by Silicon Valley-based Qylur Intelligent Systems, the device is taking the forefront in security, fusing ticket-checking and screening. Users call it the perfect mix of convenience and safety C6BDC783F8C044AC8A517ADD2BD9E62A

“It’s just a matter of putting your bag in the slot and going through security like you normally would,” stadium visitor Ron Low said. “It’s a good thing. Obviously, we are looking to make sure the environment’s safe on the other side. Painless really.”

Others said they welcome the extra security from the technology.

“I think it can make the process very smoother, and I like the extra security,” stadium visitor Shai Shahar said. “I want to feel secure when I’m in the stadium.”

Dolev said the company has had talks with the NFL about possibly utilizing this technology in the future.

If the league gives it the green light, then you can expect it to branch out to venues across the nation.

“It’s very unpleasant when you come up to have your security check and somebody is rummaging through your bags,” Dolev said. “It’s also unpleasant for the security guards themselves. Nobody really wants to do that, but at this moment in time, there’s no choice but to do that because you have to do security. So, the very first thing that’s different is the fact that it’s self-service, and it’s respectful of everybody’s privacy.”

In addition to stadiums, Qylur is considering bringing this technology to other places, including amusement parks, monuments, and airports.

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