Video: Palo Alto officials demonstrate how to properly use sandbags to protect your home from flooding


PALO ALTO (KRON) — As we get closer to winter, and the heavy rains expected from El Niño, it is important to plan ahead and be prepared.

Officials with the Palo Alto Public Works Department Tuesday held a demonstration on how to properly use sandbags to protect your home in case of heavy rains or flooding from a creek.

It is more complicated than many people think, officials said.

Jon Hospitalier, who is the assistant Public Works director in Palo Alto, along with city workers, demonstrated how you can build a sandbag wall to protect your home in preparton of El Niño conditions.

“We want to get the word out to the community that it’s time to get prepared,” Hospitalier said. “We know El Nino is here.”

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And he added if you put up sandbags in the wrong way, there could be consequences.

“Yeah, that’s why we’re doing this video,” Hospitalier said. We want to make sure folks are on the same page.”

Several years ago, one home, and nearly 70 others in Palo Alto, flooded due to a creek overflowing. Damage estimates for homeowners ran at about $28 million.

Besides the garage, the demonstration included creating barriers around the home, including crawl spaces, and in once case, at a sliding glass door.

Officials said they used about 100 sandbags in one demonstration, and that is what they recommend the public uses.

As far as when you should be creating these barricades, city officials said it is best to do so about a week before a big storm.

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