El Niño is not only here, but it’s growing


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — El Niño is not only here, but scientists say it’s picking up more stream, according to the National Weather Service

The ocean-warming phenomenon that is said to be the worst to hit the West Coast since 1997 will soon affect the weather along the coast of California, according to the NWS’s Climate Prediction Center.

A new report released by the NWS shows no indication of El Niño weakening any time soon.

According to the report, El Niño will not be one giant storm but instead it will be one storm after another that will peak in the winter and taper off in the spring.

95% of scientists are positive that El Niño will remain in place in the Pacific Ocean, which means severe rainfall for California.

The past few storms that have hit the Bay Area the last couple of weekends are a good sign that El Niño is still on track with predictions.

Now that does not guarantee rainfall, but it is a good indication of what to expect this winter.

California is already feeling the effects of El Niño as we have been seeing more rain and snow than usual.

Ski resorts in the state have even been able to open early because of the impressive amount of snowfall they have gotten in the past few weeks.

Stay with KRON4 as we track El Niño all winter long.

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