Viral Video: parent confronts Napa teenage driver

Napa (KRON) A video on YouTube of a parent confronting a Napa teenager about his driving on a public street with a school nearby is now in the hands of the District Attorney to see if charges should  be filed against the teen.

On the video the parent walks up to the driver and several kids in the car to tell them to drive safe around Browns Valley Elementary where the parent’s child attends school. This incident happened on November 3.

The parent claims this is not the first time he has seen this particular teenager driving in the neighborhood.

Napa Police investigated and forwared a report on to the District Attorney to review charges of reckless driving and transporting passengers under 20 years of age. We have included the Napa Police Department’s news release at the bottom of this article:

News Release from Napa Police: 

On November 3, 2015 the Napa Police Department started to receive information which originated from social media sites regarding complaints of a reckless driver in the Browns Valley neighborhood. Various citizens reported a “teenager” driving a small black vehicle with passengers had been driving recklessly most mornings during student drop off, between 7:45 am and 8:05 am running stops signs, speeding, crossing over double yellow lines, passing vehicles on the left and not yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks.

Napa Police Department Traffic Officers set up in the area on November 3 and 4, 2015 but did not locate the responsible driver or vehicle. On November 5, 2015 a witness reported to the Napa Police Department that he had observed the reckless driver and vehicle. The witness followed the driver and captured some of the driving behavior described utilizing a personal dash-mounted video camera. The witness captured the responsible driver in a black Ford Escort, running two stop signs on Westview Drive and driving at an excessive rate of speed.

The driver of the Ford pulled over in the area of Dry Creek Rd. / Redwood Rd. The witness stopped his vehicle behind the Ford. The witness made verbal contact with the driver and passenger occupants of the Ford. The witness told this driver he need to slow down, drive more carefully and let him know there were numerous people that had reported his reckless driving behavior. The witness video recorded his conversation with the driver. During the contact, the driver made verbal allegations that the citizen “molested” him. The witness never touched the driver of the vehicle during the contact. These facts could be corroborated by the video of the contact between the witness, driver and passengers.

The Napa Police Department Traffic Division investigated the reckless driving complaint. The driver and witnesses were all contacted, identified and statements taken. There was no evidence to substantiate any type of “molestation”. The driver has identified as a juvenile, so his name cannot be released. A report will be sent to Juvenile Probation and the Napa County District Attorney’s Office for review of charges of 23103 VC Reckless Driving and 12814.6 (B)(1)(B) VC Provisional Driver’s License: Transporting passengers under 20 years, on the juvenile driver.



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