Tech Trends: Terror alert app


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The Paris terror attacks have left Americans on edge and worried about security.

And now that ISIS has directly threatened our homeland in a new propaganda video, Homeland Security authorities are asking for the public’s help to report suspicious activity.

Tech Reporter Gabe Slate shows the mobile app that makes this quick and easy.

Watch the above video to see Gabe demonstrate the app.


Link to report suspicious behavior –

General info –


Protecting our communities through shared information and communications

The Northern California Regional Intelligence Center (NCRIC) is a government program that helps safeguard the community by serving as a dynamic security nexus.  To detect, prevent, investigate and respond to criminal and terrorist activity, we disseminate intelligence and facilitate communications between Federal, State and local agencies and private sector critical infrastructure partners to help them take action on threats and public safety issues.

For non-urgent tips or leads.  Call (24/7)
1-866-FOR-TTIP (1-866-367-8847)

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