Video: Passengers traveling in-and-out of Bay Area airports report increased security


OAKLAND (KRON) — Passengers traveling in-and-out of Bay Area airports feel security has increased.

Most people KRON spoke to at Oakland International Airport said they kept their flight plans. Passengers said although they were on alert, they were not nervous to fly.

Yolanda and Vincent Gibson were on their way home from celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas. They said they definitely noticed tighter security traveling to and from.

“They patted me down, and then they took a little wand thing with a little thing, and they swabbed my hands, they swabbed both of my hands, and then I waited. They put it in a machine. And I came back, and they patted you and then, they let me go,” Yolanda said.

Despite Friday’s terror attacks in Paris, and the bomb scare at Chicago O’Hare airport earlier Tuesday, passengers were still feeling safe to travel.

“You can’t live scared,” said Betty Center, who was traveling from Vegas. “I’m more afraid of the plane falling out of the sky than I am of bombs and what have you.”

Looking to the Thanksgiving holiday, airport officials told KRON all flights during peak times are expected to be full.

Airport officials did not touch on security protocol after the Paris attacks or the events in Chicago.

But travels said security has been beefed up. This is not been confirmed by the airport.


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