Video: Residents, councilmember react to Oakland sideshows


OAKLAND (KRON) — Oakland sideshows are nothing new, but they are getting bigger and participants are bolder about their illegal activity.

Angry residents said they want the sideshows stopped, and one city councilmember said he wants new legislation to combat the illegal activity.

East Oakland residents said they have had enough and they want it to stop. The sideshows have shut down portions of East Oakland streets, as cars did donuts and a police cruiser was vandalized.

Residents said the neighborhood is tired of the sideshows.

“It’s illegal,” East Oakland resident Gene Blackshere said. “I don’t think there should be a venue for it or anything else. It’s illegal and the reason they are here in Oakland is because they think Oakland is a place to come to do crazy stuff and get away with it. And we need to be more vigilant with this.”

“We feel unsafe in our neighborhood, and we also feel that if OPD can’t control the sideshows, then there is very little they can control that happens in our neighborhood,” resident Jenny Pritchette added.

City council member Noel Gallo lives in East Oakland. He said he is bothered by the sideshows as well and wants there to be a law that would allow police to impound the cars at the sideshows on the first offense.

“Right now, that clearly, the state law gives us to — allows us to impound on the second offense up to 30 days,” Gallo said. “But we want to impound the vehicle, whether you are involved in a sideshow, prostitution, or you’re illegal dumping on the first offense. Not only do we impound your car for 30 days, but maybe if we catch you the second time, we get to keep your car.”

Gallo said the legislation has to come out of Sacramento, and he said a lobby effort is underway to get the bill sponsored.

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