Sexually violent predator evicted from Vallejo Motel 6

VALLEJO (KRON) — A high-risk, sexually violent predator has been evicted from a Motel 6 in Vallejo, police said.

The State of California had ordered 51-year-old Fraisure Earl Smith to be released to Solano County on or before November 30, Vallejo police said. He was released earlier this week on transient status to a motel in Vallejo

“After obtaining further details from Motel 6, it appears that Motel 6 did not know that they had rented a room to Mr. Smith, the recently released sexually violent predator. Once they confirmed that he was staying there, they acted immediately to evict him “, Vallejo City Manager Daniel E. Keen said.

“Details provided by Motel 6 confirm that Liberty Healthcare Corporation, the contractor hired by the State to provide services to Smith, concealed Mr. Smith’s identity in order to obtain two rooms at the motel,” Vallejo police Cpt. John Whitney said in a press release.

Two Liberty employees gave their names and did not disclose the identity of Smith, police said.

Smith has been placed on the no-rent list. The Motel 6 is located on Enterprise Drive.

Fraisure Smith, 51, was convicted of assault with intent to commit rape in 2006.

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