VIDEO: New security footage of Paris attacks shows cafe sprayed with bullets, attacker with AK47

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Security footage from inside a cafe in Paris shows terrified diners drop to the ground as the restaurant gets sprayed with bullets during last week’s Paris attacks.

The security camera video posted on the DailyMail website on Wednesday provides a new look at the mercilessness of the attackers during the Paris shooting rampage.

The video begins with a nearly empty restaurant that erupts into chaos as bullets smash through the windows and walls. Staff and patrons dive under tables and behind counter tops to cover themselves.

A gunman is seen outside the cafe wielding an AK47 as he approaches the restaurant’s door, points his rifle at a woman lying on the ground and attempted to shoot her.

He leaves a moment later and the woman gets up and runs into the cafe for safety. It is believed the attackers gun jammed as he tried to shoot the woman.

None of the diners or staff inside the restaurant died during the attack, which lasted less than a minute, before the gunman is seen climbing into the terrorists’ black getaway car.

KRON4’s Anny Hong gives a play-by-play of the terrifying footage in the video above.

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