Video: South San Francisco police say they may have identified suspects in string of home burglaries


SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The chief of police in South San Francisco said police may have identified suspects in a string of burglaries to hit the city.

KRON first brought you this story on Monday, when a 79-year-old woman’s home was robbed. On Thursday night, hundreds of residents packed City Hall to discuss the issue.

Police Chf. Jeff Azzopardi told the crowd that he feels confident police may have identified some possible suspects, or a suspect, in a rash of break-ins. Since October 21, there have been 14 break-ins in the city’s Buri Buri neighborhood, police said.

Only two people have been home to witness the burglaries. Police said a woman walked into her house to find the robbers inside. And in the other break-in, the 79-year-old woman was sleeping in her room.

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Nobody was hurt, but police want neighbors to be on the lookout and lock up their homes whether they are inside or out.

It has gotten to the point where most people at the meeting knew someone or a house that had been hit.

“Not a lot, but a few people that I know have had their house broken into and things taken,” resident Louis Diaz said.

The chief said he believes the burglars are targeting homes when they think the homeowner is away, even ringing the doorbell to check.

Police are handing out forms encouraging neighbors to inventory their valuables, including serial numbers on big TVs, so they have a record just in case something gets stolen.




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