Video: Whereabouts of sexually violent predator in Vallejo a concern for law enforcement after eviction from Motel 6


VALLEJO (KRON) — The whereabouts of a sexually violent predator is now a concern for law enforcement after the man was released in Vallejo, police said Friday.

Sexual violent predator Fraisure Smith is living as a transient with no fixed address in the City of Vallejo. Although police said they do not know Smith’s physical location, Vallejo police Cpt. John Whitney said police do know that he is not sleeping on the street

“It is my understanding that he slept in a car again last night, (and) that no motel or hotel in the city will rent to him,” Whitney said.

Until recently, the 51-year-old Smith was occupying a room at a Motel 6 in Vallejo, unbeknownst to the motel manager. He was evicted as a result.

This is the latest in a series of housing rejections for the sexually violent predator in the wake of a judge’s order releasing him on transient status from Coalinga State Hospital

“And you have to dog him, and you have to follow him, and you have to make sure that you know where he is all the time,” children’s rights advocate Marc Klaas said.

Klass has been keeping an eye on the Fraisure Smith case and said the further Smith is away from people, the better.

“Well, you know what, the desert or maybe even on a prison facility. I mean, maybe that’s the way to do it, maybe set up some kind of an encampment or trailer park for these types of individuals because they can’t be trusted in society,” Klaas said.

Liberty Healthcare is responsible for monitoring Smith. Since he was not released as a permanent resident in Vallejo, the state does not have to notify city officials that he is there.

However, he does have to register with police every 30 days. KRON was there Wednesday when he did.

The question now is after being evicted from the Motel 6, where did he go?

“We are not actively looking for him in the city right now,” Whitney said. “It’s almost finding a needle in a haystack. If we actually went around the city and looked at every parked car to see if he’s sleeping in there, and he doesn’t necessarily have to be in the parked car right now. He could be out doing other things, as long as Liberty Healthcare is watching him”

KRON tried reaching Liberty Healthcare to see if they knew Smith’s location, but it told us it would not comment.

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