Only on 4: Man who lost wife in 1993 San Francisco mass shooting reacts to SoCal massacre


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The mass shooting in Southern California has sparked reaction all across the Bay Area.

In fact, it comes 22 years after a mass shooting at 101 California Street in downtown San Francisco.vlcsnap-2015-12-02-23h08m32s11

KRON talked with a man who lost his wife in that shooting and got his reaction to the San Bernardino massacre that has claimed the lives of 14 people and injured several more.

“Just very, very…brought back some very sad, horrific memories for me, and I just feel sorry for the families that are gonna go through what I went through, you know, 20 something years ago,” Steve Sposato said.

Sposato’s wife was one of eight gunned down and killed by a man in a San Francisco building back in 1993. The gunman then took his own life.

“I remember vividly standing outside of 101 California Street, waiting to approach the police to find out where Jody was…where my wife was,” Sposato said.

He later found out that Jody had died after being shot five times. One month after the 1993 shooting, Sposato went to Congress with his then 10-month-old daughter.

He was influential in the passage of the 1994 10-year federal ban on assault weapons. He believes the government today is to blame.

“You have 75 people a day dying by bullets, and they’re not doing a damn thing about it, so I think it’s a failure of government,” Sposato said. “Who should not have to go, undergo a background check for a firearm purchase? That to me is a no brainer. Who needs 50 round clips? That’s a no brainer. Who needs an AK-47? That’s a no brainer.”

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