The World According to Gary: Luke Walton named top coach and Amy Schumer’s obsession with Stephen Curry

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Gary Radnich joins Darya Folsom for today’s edition of The World According to Gary to talk about Luke Walton named top coach, Amy Schumer’s Stephen Curry obsession and the Lakers losing to the worst.

The Golden State Warriors interim coach, Luke Walton, was named the top coach in the Western Conference after leading the team to a record 19-0 start in place of injured Steve Kerr. He won coach of the month despite none of their wins count on his record.

It seems that everyone is obsessed with Stephen Curry lately, including Amy Schumer. Schumer revealed her hilarious fantasies about Steph Curry and Tom Brady.

The Philadelphia 76ers’ finally ended their 28-game losing streak when beat the Los Angeles Lakers. The 76ers had the longest losing streak in NBA history.

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