Elementary school in Vallejo closed due to ‘terrorist’ graffiti threats


VALLEJO (KRON) — An elementary in Vallejo is closed Thursday due to a “potential terrorist threat,” said Vallejo City Unified School District.

At 7:20 AM, school officials discovered threatening graffiti on one of the portable classrooms at the Elmer Cave Elementary School located at 770 Tregaskis Street.

Responding Vallejo Police Officers found “ISIS” spray-painted on the walls of the portable classroom along with threats to kill and blow people up, according to police.

They also found drawings of male and female genitalia and local gang symbols which tend to indicate that this crime was committed by juvenile suspects, police said.

School officials decided to close the campus and evacuate students who were already at the school.

The school district sent out an automated message to parents informing them of the closure and the treat.

Officers reported the campus was safe after completing a thorough investigation and search of the school. They believe the graffiti was gang-related and found no credible threat of terrorism.

The Vallejo Police Department will continue to investigate this graffiti and work to make arrests in this case. The department will also make our Federal law enforcement partners at the FBI aware of this incident.

If anyone has information as to the identity of the suspects, they are asked to contact the Vallejo Police Department at 707-648-4321.

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