Video: Thieves targeting Bay Area Apple stores


WALNUT CREEK (KRON) — Apple iPhone products are known to fly off the shelves, but on Thursday night, KRON has learning they also walk out of the stores, and often in the pockets of thieves.

Thieves are targeting Apple stores across the Bay Area, including one shop in Walnut Creek that has been hit six times. Police said the store was hit just two days ago.

It is a problem that has police coming back to the store again and again.

Apple is known for good customer service, with bright open stores packed with so-called “geniuses” ready to help you buy, fix, or troubleshoot the latest Apple gadget.

But police departments across the Bay Area said they have become a target for thieves.

“Theft generally goes up during the holiday season as is with the amount of items that are out on display, however, we are focusing currently on Apple stores based off the recent thefts,” Central Main Police Department Cpl. Ryan Suhrke said.

The Central Marin Police department’s most recent case was the Apple Store at a mall in Corte Madera. On Wednesday afternoon, police said a man walked inside and then walked out with several expensive iPhones.

And it wasn’t the first time.

“I can tell you at least three separate incidents this month,” Suhrke said.

The smartphones are only connected to desks by thin cords.

And they are worth a pretty penny – a 64 gigabyte iPhone 6s retails for $750.

The day before the Corte Madera theft, someone stole eight iPhones from the store in Walnut Creek.

Back in November, three men got a way with 22 iPhones at a store in Palo Alto.

Police agencies said they are working together to share surveillance images of the thieves, but they are not yet ready to share them with the media.

Police are looking into whether the thefts are connected.

“We’re sharing information with each other to assist us in the investigation,” Suhrke said.

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