San Francisco police warn about mail scam involving fraudulent check

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN, KRON) — San Francisco police are warning residents about a mail scam that involves a fraudulent check, along with instructions for bank account deposit and transfer actions, police said Monday.

Police described the scam as starting with a priority mail envelope with a letter and a check inside.

The letter apparently states that the recipient was selected as a mystery shopper and gives instructions for the included check, which in one case was for $2,890, police said.

The instructions asked the recipient to deposit the check, keep $200, and send the rest back through a Western Union wire.

Police said the check never clears, but the money wired by the victim is successfully transferred.

San Francisco police said that there have been no calls about this locally so far, but one of the department’s own employees received the mail scam.

Police are asking anyone who has received the letter to report it to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service by calling (877) 876-2455.

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