San Francisco mayor calls for new policies on SFPD use of lethal force

Ed Lee


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Monday is directing the city’s police chief to equip officers with body shields and new policies on use of lethal force following last week’s fatal officer-involved shooting.

Lee is also calling for “mandatory, recurring training” on conflict de-escalation skills.

“Our police department will have at least as much training in de-escalation as we do in use of force,” he said.

Mario Woods, an African-American male, died after at least five officers fired at him about 15 times near Keith Street and Fitzgerald Streets in San Francisco’s Bayview District last Wednesday. Police said he was a suspect in a stabbing reported a short time earlier.

The San Francisco Police Department released still images from the video showing the moment officers fatally shot Woods. One of the images shows the man purportedly pointing the knife at an officer.

“Photo #1 is the knife recovered from the scene believed to be used in the earlier stabbing of a victim on the 6600 block of Third Street,” SFPD said in a caption under a photo posted on its official Facebook page.

“Photo #2 and #3 are frame stills taken from the original video. Photo stills show an outstretched right hand of the subject with the knife,” the photo captions read.

Police have previously stated that Woods would not drop his knife and he moved towards officers.

KRON spoke with a witness who recorded one of the three videos that have been posted on social media. The videos show disturbing images of the shooting.

“I know he was wrong for what he did, but I believe no one deserves to die, ya know,” witness Paco Wilson said.

Wilson said he shot this video. He had just come home from work when the gunshots rang out.

Lee said Monday that he saw the viral video and called it “upsetting” and that lethal force “is always the last resort.”

“Black lives do matter,” he said. “And as mayor, I commit that we’ll take all necessary steps to prevent these kinds of incidences when possible to ensure public safety, to protect the lives of our young people, and maintain officer safety.”


The NAACP held a community meeting Monday night urging the public to remain calm following the shooting.

Community members are up in arms over last week’s deadly police shooting. The meeting wrapped up at around 8 p.m., and it was a packed house inside.

Watch the above video to see what was said in the meeting, including comments from family members.


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