Four Sonoma County men face federal heroin and meth trafficking charges

SONOMA COUNTY (BCN) — Four men who were arrested on drug charges in Rohnert Park in August are part of a major heroin and methamphetamine distribution operation, a Sonoma County prosecutor said Friday.

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration and local law enforcement agencies arrested 17 alleged drug traffickers Thursday in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Merced, San Jose and Stanislaus County. They were scheduled to be arraigned on charges contained a 58-page complaint Friday afternoon in federal court in San Francisco.

The four Sonoma County men arrested in Rohnert Park, Christino Vargas-Mondragon, 38, of Rohnert Park; Brigido Rangel, 51, Julio Cesar Barbosa, 40, and Ramon Gudino-Urbina, 53, were arrested after local law enforcement agencies found 52 pounds of heroin and 25 pounds of methamphetamine in tires that were removed from Gudino-Urbina’s vehicle and taken inside Mondragon’s residence at 5342 Eunice St. in Rohnert Park on Aug. 12, Maddock said.

The drugs were found in metal boxes that were bolted to the wheels inside the tires on Gudino-Urbina’s vehicle, Maddock said. Mondragon and Barbosa were arrested at Mondragon’s residence and Rangel and Barbosa were arrested in separate vehicles, Maddock said. Gudino-Urbina posted bail and there is a $1 million warrant for his arrest.

The three other men were initially charged in Sonoma County Superior Court on drug possession, transportation, and sales charges and with conspiracy. They pleaded not guilty on Sept. 14 and remained in the Sonoma County Jail. In Sonoma County Superior Court Friday morning, the Sonoma County

In Sonoma County Superior Court Friday morning, the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office dismissed those state charges and the three men were placed in federal custody to appear Friday afternoon in San Francisco on the federal drug charges, Maddock said.Maddock said the four men arrested in Rohnert Park “are part of a

Maddock said the four men arrested in Rohnert Park “are part of a wider network of a major drug trafficking organization.”

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