How to hang your Christmas lights safely

TROY, Ohio (WDTN) – Before you pull a Clark Griswold with your Christmas lights, listen up! There are a few mistakes the average person can make every year when putting up their display.

“People think it’s just Christmas lights, it’s not that big of a deal.”

Ben Johnson is the owner of Christmas Decor. They help decorate about 200 homes every year for the Christmas season in the Miami Valley.

The biggest safety concern he notices has to do with ladders and people getting on their roofs.

“A lot of times it’s an old rickety wood ladder that is not sufficient or safe to be able to do anything more than you would need a little step ladder for,” said Johnson.

Johnson recommends using an adjustable ladder with sandbags to weigh it down. He says it’s important to always hang on with one hand and never stand completely on the top.

Another issue: overloaded outlets.

“Obviously, if you are overloading things you are creating heat on the wire, if it’s overloaded can melt the wire, once those wires start to touch you can cause fires, you are gonna trip breakers,” said Johnson.

Johnson recommends not putting together more than 300 lights per extension cord.

“We don’t want to overload that 6 inches of wire. So every light that is plugged into the end of this, if it’s in a tree or whatever, is pulling power off that first 6 inches.”

He says rules are a little more lenient if you are using LED lights because they use less energy and run cooler.

Regardless, he says you need to always inspect your lights every year before putting them up.

“Lights will start to wear out, you are putting pressure on those wires,” said Johnson.

He also suggests not using indoor lights outside.

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