Bay Area Rain: Weather Making its Mark

BAY AREA (KRON) — The rain is leaving its mark on the Bay Area thus far on Sunday morning.

SFMTA is saying that Franklin and McAllister has downed power lines.

KRON 4 viewers have been calling the newsroom to report what’s going on in their locations.

One woman from Castro Valley says that the rain destroyed her backyard and there are water leaks. A man who lives in San Francisco called and talked about how deep the water is and the flooding in the area. He’s been living on 7th street between Laguna and Lawton Street his whole life and claims he’s never seen anything like this before. Another caller says she called 911 to report an accident and was put on hold for three minutes due to the amount of calls they have been receiving.

Our TRAFFIC MAP can help you nagivate around the Bay Area to avoid traffic.

We also have an INTERACTIVE RADAR to help you track El Niño.

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