Fireplace ashes in can trigger fire at Santa Rosa home

SANTA ROSA (KRON/BCN) — Fireplace ashes placed in a plastic garbage can triggered a damaging blaze at a home in Santa Rosa on Sunday morning, according to fire officials.

Crews from the Santa Rosa Fire Department initially responded at 8:18 a.m. Sunday to a reported structure fire in the 800 block of Humboldt Street.

Firefighters observed smoke coming from the roof and attic vents of a single-story wood-frame home, according to fire officials.

Crews later discovered that the fire, which was brought under control in 30 minutes, was caused by an accident involving fireplace ashes thrown in a plastic receptacle stored against the building, fire officials said.

The blaze began on the home’s exterior when smoldering embers ignited the contents of the garbage can. It went on to cause up to an estimated $30,000 in damage to the building and its contents, fire officials said.

The occupant of the residence is receiving assistance from the American Red Cross.

Fire officials advise residents to place ashes in metal or other non-combustible containers, and to wet them down and dispose of them away from any structures.

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