Only on KRON: San Francisco police officer gives socks to homeless


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A San Francisco police officer is helping the homeless with one special, small, and soft gift at a time.

“A guy that I’ll usually help out with a cheeseburger in the morning, I gave him a pair of socks today, and I got a woohoo,” Ofc. Ryan Crockett said. “Usually, I just get a thank you.”

In the past when patrolling Golden Gate Park, Crockett handed out food to the homeless. But something else warm is in much higher demand there.vlcsnap-2015-12-15-22h49m55s137

“I think a clean pair of socks goes farther than anything,” Crockett said. “It is worth its weight in gold to them.”

Crockett spent hundreds of dollars of his own money to buy the brand new socks. He got more bang for his buck when his brother brought them back from China, about 500 pairs, Crockett said.

He passed out the pairs to people who need them the most. This basic item means protection, comfort, and shows that the San Francisco Police Department cares.

“It makes you feel like a human (and not a piece of) road waste…,” said homeless person Andy, who only revealed his first name. “Touches my heart.”

His patrol car’s trunk is also stuffed with thick blankets. Those are also accepted with open arms.

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