Bomb threat over Muslim community takes place in Richmond

A bomb squad was issued out in Richmond, Calif. specifically on the 5100 block of Mcbryde Avenue.

(BCN) – No one was hurt this evening in Richmond when a bomb squad detonated a possible explosive, police said.

Police reported as of 6:05 p.m. the bomb squad had detonated the possible explosive in the 5100 block of Mcbryde Ave. and residents of the area are allowed to return to their homes, according to police.

Residents were evacuated at about 2 p.m. today in and around the area where the possible explosive was found, which was in a home of a person suspected of building the device, according to police.

Officers received a report Thursday of a person who expressed interest in harming Muslims and who may have an explosive at his home, according to police.

Detectives arrested the person this morning, police said.

Detectives and a SWAT team found the possible explosive when they served a search warrant to search the person’s home, according to police.

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