Storm dumps over 60 billion gallons of water into Lake Tahoe

LAKE TAHOE (KRON) — The latest storm hitting Northern California dropped a good amount water into Lake Tahoe and snow in the Sierras.

Lake Tahoe rose 1.92 inches in the last two days, equivalent to 63.9 billion gallons of water, according to the National Weather Service in Reno.

Back in July, this station reported that the water levels in Lake Tahoe were getting lower and farther away every day. The 71-mile shoreline was receding up to one inch each week, said Patrick Wright with the California Tahoe Conservancy.

“It may not sound sound like much, but it’s 3.5 billion gallons per week,” said Wright.

While the receding shoreline was ankle-deep for over hundreds yards, this season’s El Nino-related storms can help the water-starved lake recover to pre-drought levels with high than normal rainfall.


If you’re heading to Lake Tahoe for the holidays, make sure you bring your chains and snow gear.

The Northstar Resort reported getting 34 inches of snow within 24 hours. That’s three feet of snow in one day.

Cassandra Walker of the NorthStar Resort tells us more about the snowy conditions in the video above.

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