VIDEO: Hwy 101 exit to SFO briefly shut down by protest

(KRON) — Eight women with the group of Black Lives Matter protesters have been arrested after shutting down an exit ramp for southbound U.S. Highway 101 to San Francisco International Airport Wednesday

The protesters posted photos of the action on Twitter at about 12:15 p.m., showing them linked hand-in-hand across the highway with a Christmas tree and a banner that said, “Justice for Mario Woods,” the man killed by San Francisco police officers earlier this month.

About 10 minutes later, another photo was posted of protesters in the back of a police car, followed by requests for support at jail in San Francisco.

The women were taken into custody around 12:40 this afternoon.

They were take to San Mateo County jail and will be charged with four offenses, obstructing the freeway, false imprisonment, public nuisance and unlawful assembly.

California Highway Patrol Capt. Christopher Sherry wrote on Twitter, “CHP has moved all protestors off of the freeway. Travelers will make it to the airport on-time!”

CHP officials were not immediately available to provide further info on the protest.

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