Southwest passenger describes scary moments during emergency landing at Oakland Airport

OAKLAND (KRON) — Passengers on a Southwest flight were terrified when they found out their plane had to make an emergency landing due to landing gear issues at the Oakland Airport Wednesday morning.

A Chicago-bound flight departed Oakland around 6 a.m. only to turn around and circle the airport for over four hours before landing safely back in Oakland.

“I thought I was going to die on that plane,” said passenger Ashley Stasio, who is a resident of San Francisco.

Passengers knew immediately after takeoff that something was wrong when they saw sparks flying and heard loud thumping noises.

The pilot immediately announced that they were experiencing issues that would require them to turn around to make an emergency landing back in Oakland.

That’s when the passenger next to Stasio said “we’re not going to be okay.”

Stasio and the rest of the passengers were able to stay calm only because the crew was calm during those tense four hours, she told KRON4’s Will Tran.

Stasio said the scariest part for her was when the plane did a low flyby over the airport’s runway to see if it was possible to land the plane safely.

The plane was able to land safely even though the front nose tire had blown out during takeoff.

Stasio says she will now go back home in San Francisco to “sleep it off,” then fly out to Chicago tomorrow.

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