Thieves vandalize infant’s grave, frustrating heartbroken family


WICHITA, Kansas – A Wichita couple is still mourning the loss of their infant child, and on Monday, they found out someone stole several items and vandalized their baby’s grave.

“Two months ago, on October 8th, our infant son was born at 32 weeks. We had known for quite a few weeks before that, that it was going to be fatal after he was born,” said Dan Feil. “He lived for two hours. We had two amazing hours with him, and then, we buried him later that week.”

As they approached their son’s burial sight at Resthaven on Monday night, they noticed something was wrong.

“As we came up, we noticed there were pieces missing,” said Feil. “It’s windy. It’s Kansas, so our first thought at least was ‘hey, maybe some of this stuff blew away.’”

“We had a nutcracker,” said Jamie Feil. “We had gotten him two snow globes that were special to us. He had skeletal dysplasia, so green is kind of the color of skeletal dysplasia, so we had a green Christmas tree, a green gnome and a green nutcracker.”

All of those items are now gone. The sod around the grave was even messed with.

“This is all that we have. We don’t get to buy him Christmas presents. These are tangible things that we have given to him to celebrate, and somebody came and took them. So, it is just very heartbreaking. You know that it’s so meaningless to somebody else,” said Jamie Feil.

The couple hopes someone with information about the stolen items will come forward.

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