Video: Suspected package thief thwarted by resident, arrested in Santa Clara


SANTA CLARA (KRON) — One would-be package Grinch busted another on the loose in the South Bay.

Police said the suspected thieves were hitting homes in the Santa Clara area.

Police said one neighbor took action and followed the suspected thieves.

Playdoh, barbie, and Disney toys were some of the many stolen items recovered by Santa Clara police on Wednesday. Police have linked a woman, 36-year-old Noren Portillo of Sunnyvale, as one of two people involved in stealing packages off of front porches.

Police and witnesses said Portillo was driving, and a man was going door to door in a Santa Clara neighborhood.

“I saw a man that I’ve never seen holding an Amazon package,” one resident said who chose not to reveal his name. “He was walking towards a white Yukon that was parked far away from the home on Worthington Circle, so I pretty much realized it was someone taking packages.”

The witness said he not only saw Portillo and the man, but he followed them until he had their plate numbers. Police were then able to use that information and make the bust.

They also recovered a tennis racquet case, knives, a purse, a yogurt maker, more toys, and gloves.

There is still this male suspect on the loose.

He is described as Hispanic between 20 and 30 years old, driving a white Yukon.

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