Police investigate more than a dozen residential burglaries in Hercules

HERCULES (BCN) — The Hercules Police Department has responded to 14 residential burglaries and one attempted burglary in December.

Police said eight of the incidents occurred during daytime hours, and in one of those incidents, the resident was home.

In that incident, the suspects rang the doorbell, and when the resident didn’t respond, the suspects went around to the back of the residence, broke a rear window and entered the house.

The resident confronted the suspects, and they fled the scene.

In another incident, a resident heard someone ring his doorbell, but he didn’t answer.

He looked out his window and saw a man putting a flyer on his door. A short time later, the resident left for work and he saw the man loitering near his home, police said.

Police said the suspect broke a window at the rear of the residence but did not enter.

Seven of the burglaries occurred between the hours of 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., and residents were home during three of those incidents, police said.

Police said an underlying factor in all of the incidents was the homes appeared to be unoccupied. In almost all of the cases that occurred at night, there were no cars in the driveways and no lights visible inside the home.

Police said it isn’t known if any of the incidents are related.

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