Protesters take to San Francisco City Hall demanding justice in wake of Mario Woods police shooting


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — At least 100 protesters took to San Francisco City Hall on Christmas Eve demanding justice in the wake of the Mario Woods shooting earlier in December.

Woods was shot and killed by officers when he refused to drop a knife, police said. Reports had come in that he had stabbed someone a short time before that.

This was the second big protest in two days. The protesters held a rally outside of City Hall, then marched inside to Mayor Ed Lee’s office.

They were chanting, “Fire Chief Suhr….now” in front of the mayor’s office. They said they want Mayor Lee to fire the police chief in the wake of the shooting.

They also said they want the officers who fired those shots held accountable. A representative from Ed Lee’s office joined the group to tell them that the mayor is out of town and will not be back until late next week.

The group said they will return.

It was a peaceful protest. No arrests were made and nothing was damaged.

The message though was a strong one–they are not happy with the police department, and they are not happy with the mayor.

On Wednesday, eight people were arrested after walking onto Highway 101.

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