Snow in the Sierra: 50 miles of chain control

TRUCKEE (KRON) — Sierra Nevada continues to get pummeled by snow this holiday week.

50 miles in the area are currently under chain control, according to Truckee California Highway Patrol Officer Pete Mann.

The Donner Summit and Tahoe Basin are all under chain control along with the Nevada State line all the way over to Colfax, said Officer Mann.

At the chain control area, licensed CalTrans officers will be there to help you put on your chains.

Officer Mann is warning drivers of people who will offer to put on your chains for you that are not from CalTrans. Make sure if you get help, they are certified chain installers so you are dealing with quality help.

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If you don’t drive in the snow often, remember to slow down and increase the distance between you and the car in front of you.

In chain control areas, the speed limit on freeways is 30 mph and 25 mph on state routes.

But Santa had some fun on the slopes:

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