Health officials investigating a Manteca Costco after customers say they found parasites in their seafood

MANTECA, Calif. (KRON) — Officials with the Public Health Services of San Joaquin County are investigating a Costco store after a customer reported finding parasites in their seafood.

Stefanie Rock and her family purchased cod and salmon from a Manteca Costco and were shocked to find worms crawling out of the fish.

The family immediately began documenting the disturbing discovery with their cell phones and sent the video to county health officials.

Health officials said Tuesday they were investigating all the fish at the store.

Costco has not yet issued a comment in connection to this incident. The company has said in the past parasites are common in fish, and that the fish are safe to eat if they are cooked properly.

“There’s no sign that says parasites. The only thing they do say, if you do some research, is to cook it thoroughly, well I don’t want to cook a parasitical worm thoroughly for my dinner,” John Rock said in an interview with KCRA in Sacramento.

If other seafood is found to contain parasites, the county may ask the store to pull the seafood off the shelves.

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