Video: Parent of another child claims her son was abused at East Bay school


ANTIOCH (KRON) — A parent of a different child said her son was abused at the Tobinworld school as well.

This comes after video was released Wednesday of a violent confrontation between a teacher’s aide and a student, which has sent shockwaves through the East Bay school.

Mother Lina Azizi said she has the picture to prove her son was abused.

“We are looking at marks on my son’s hand,” she said. “When I saw the video yesterday, it…just reminded how…they probably did the same thing to my son.”

Azizi is showing photos of bruises she said her son received while he was at Tobinworld Special Education School in Antioch.

Only on KRON: Grandmother of boy allegedly abused at East Bay school speaks

Video released earlier this week shows a Tobinworld teacher’s aide striking a student. The teacher’s aide has since been taken into custody for child abuse.

Azizi said a teacher’s aide was also involved in an incident with her son back in 2013.

“He was restrained…and didn’t call me about it to say that he was restrained,” Azizi said. “When he came home, he was crying. I never saw my son crying like that.”

Azizi does not know if the same teacher’s aide in the video is the same person involved with her son. She said Tobinworld denies that her son was injured at school.

She said she did call Antioch police at the time. On Thursday, she said she went back there to get a copy of the police report.

Azizi said they told her it was going to take a couple of weeks for them to get it to her. As it turns out, she did not go forward with pressing charges back in 2013.

She explained why.

“We don’t have much schools for autism, and I don’t like the…school to close down,” Azizi said.

She said there was another consideration. Because of her son’s limited ability to speak, she felt no one would believe their story.

“It is really hard for me as a parent to understand him,” Azizi said. “It is really hard…especially when your son cannot talk. I wish he could talk and he could have told me more of what was going on at that school.”

Azizi said she does not know if there is any connection between the individuals involved in this incident and the one caught on video.

KRON’s Haaziq Madyun tried to reach Tobinworld school to get their side of Azizi’s story but did not get a response.

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