Antioch school where viral video shows teacher’s aide abusing student issues statement

ANTIOCH (KRON) — A former teacher’s aide arrested earlier this month for child abuse at Tobinworld II special education school, in the wake of an incident caught on a viral video, is in now out on bail.

WATCH: Viral video assault leads to arrest

Judy Weber, the executive director of Tobinworld, on Thursday issued the following statement regarding the California Department of Education’s conditional certification of Tobinworld II.

“Tobinworld remains committed to providing the best specialized education and support services available to all of our students.

“Tobinworld II is currently operating with a conditional certification, and we will take every step necessary to ensure full compliance with the California Department of Education. The California Department of Education continues to approve the operations of all Tobinworld campuses.

“We are working closely with the California Department of Education to benefit the safety and security of our school community. As soon as we learned of the horrific and unacceptable event at our Tobinworld II campus on January 5, we notified law enforcement and continue to do everything we can to assist their criminal investigation. We also terminated the two staff members involved in the incident and launched an investigation and review of all policies, procedures and training throughout Tobinworld.

“While our comprehensive review is underway, we are already taking steps to strengthen our training program and enforcement of policies and procedures, such as ensuring every student is directly supervised by at least one licensed or credentialed staff member at all times, verifying all employees understand and adhere to their responsibilities as mandated reporters and increasing on-site security personnel.

“As the mother of a son with autism, I know firsthand how important it is to have a safe, loving and nurturing environment for children with special needs. I helped establish Tobinworld in 1977 to provide critical, specialized education that did not previously exist in California schools.

“Tobinworld’s safety and security efforts are ongoing and resolute. We will continue to do everything we can so all of our students enjoy the care, integrity and specialized education our community has come to expect from Tobinworld.”

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