Salinas doctor sentenced to jail, probation in stalking case

MONTEREY COUNTY (BCN) — A Salinas woman was sentenced Wednesday to jail and felony probation for stalking and vandalism, according to Monterey County District Attorney Dean Flippo.

Mary Kay Brewster, 58, a local obstetrician and gynecologist convicted of stalking and vandalism in November, was sentenced to three years of felony probation, ordered to serve 180 days in county jail and to stay away from both victims in the case for a period of 10 years.

Prosecutors said Brewster, a local obstetrician and gynecologist, began stalking her husband and a nurse he worked with after Brewster and the husband separated amid allegations of infidelity.

The defendant was accused of a pattern of harassment, which included entering her husband’s workplace and destroying property, sending thousands of harassing and profane text messages, calling his cellphone repeatedly throughout the night, defacing his mail with obscene writing, vandalizing his car, poisoning his plants, physically assaulting him and repeatedly threatening to inform his children and mother of vile stories about him, prosecutors said.

Brewster also broke into his home while he was away on a trip and released three rats and a ball python into his bedroom, prosecutors said.

A woman watering plants in the home later discovered the rats living in the victim’s bed and the snake hanging from the shutters in the victim’s bedroom.

The victim, who has a phobia of snakes, was traumatized after learning the snake was found in his bedroom and did not stay in the home for more than a week, according to the district attorney’s office.

In the second stalking incident, Brewster allegedly turned her attention toward a nurse her husband was accused of having an affair with. It consisted of the defendant accusing the victim of being a “skank” in front patients, leaving anonymous notes on the victim’s locker, flicking bodily fluids on the victim in the operating room and creating a difficult work environment, prosecutors said.

The defendant was also accused of going to the woman’s house, shouting “slut, you’re going to die” at the victim, poisoning the victim’s plants, vandalizing her mailbox with acid and trying to remove the gas cap to the victim’s car, prosecutors said.

The victim, suspecting Brewster of vandalizing her mailbox, installed security video cameras that caught the defendant carrying plant poison, crawling under the victim’s car and trying to open the gas cap of the victim’s car.

Prosecutors said a search of Brewster’s home turned up several bottles of plant poison, a bag of sugar and a journal detailing the defendant’s obsessive preoccupation and hatred for both victims.

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