Video: Are some of BART’s surveillance cameras decoys?


OAKLAND (KRON) — There are new questions being raised Thursday about BART’s surveillance cameras.

Reports said that some of the cameras on trains are not real, and others do not work.

KRON’s Haaziq Madyun tried to get to the bottom of the issue by speaking with BART’s police chief Kenton Rainey

Are the surveillance cameras on BART trains real or decoys?

“We have cameras on our trains, some of them actually are live…videoing,” Rainey said.

However, some of these cameras apparently are not live or working, according to Rainey. But he said for security reasons, he will not reveal which cameras are actually recording.

“I’m not going to go into how many of our cameras are actually videoing or not videoing,” Rainey said. “It’s a layered security system, functioning cameras on the train is just one part of it.”

These BART cameras have come into question in the wake of last weekend’s shooting death of a BART passenger inside a train car

On Wednesday, BART police released photos of a shooting suspect exiting the West Oakland Station. Chf. Rainey said the photo is a demonstration of his layered security system.

“You can tell that our system worked because of the photos that we released last night,” he said. “You can clearly see who this guy is.”

Rainey also said the layered security system includes surveillance cameras on trains and on BART property.

“But ultimately, the most important piece are the 420,000 riders,” he said.

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