Oakland school officials investigating physical confrontation between staff, student

OAKLAND (KRON) — School officials have launched an investigation after a Fremont High School security guard and assistant principal were allegedly caught on surveillance video in a physical confrontation with a student.

The Oakland Unified School District on Thursday released surveillance video showing the alleged Jan. 8 incident at Fremont High School.

According to the Oakland Unified School District Police Chief Jeff Godown, the student was called into the office for undisclosed reasons.

The student tried to leave the office but was confronted by the school’s security guard and assistant principal. The situation then turned into a physical confrontation, according Godown.

Godown said the student was a danger to himself but he not elaborate the nature of the threat.

At one point in the video, the guard and assistant principal continue their struggle with the student inside a niche in the wall which blocked the surveillance camera. Godown said that he doesn’t believe the student was taken behind the wall to avoid being recorded on camera.

Godown says that anytime there is physical contact between an adult and a student, they must investigate.

The identity and status of the student is unknown at this time.

The security officer and assistant remain on duty while district conducts investigation.

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