Video: High surf advisory in effect Friday

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Be careful if you plan on going to any Bay Area beaches.

A high surf advisory is in effect Friday. That means people should be on the lookout for strong rip currents and large sneaker waves.

Officials at Ocean Beach in San Francisco are warning people about the dangerous waves. And sometimes they said the signs aren’t enough.

San Francisco firefighters spent Thursday afternoon on the beach. But they were not here enjoying the sun and sand, but rather passing out flyers warning beachgoers about the high surf advisory.


They are hoping that by spreading the word, it will avoid tragedies like the one on Rodeo Beach in Marin County. Crews there have been searching for Dan Dafoe of San Rafael.

This comes after a fellow surfer found the 40-year-old face down in the water late Wednesday afternoon. They tried to resuscitate him but a large wave hit and swept him away.

As this year’s El Nino continues to bring in storms and strong surf, firefighters on Ocean Beach hope their message doesn’t get swept out by the tide.

The high surf advisory will last until 9 p.m. Friday evening.

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