El Nino: Crumbling cliff threatens Pacifica homes


PACIFICA (KRON) — A crumbling cliff in Pacifica is threatening a number of homes Friday afternoon.

Crews have been furiously working all day to shore up the bluff along the 800 block of Palmetto Avenue.

Boulders are being placed at the bottom of the cliff to stop the sea water from reaching the eroding soil.

Part of one backyard deck has fallen into ocean. In the video, you can see other backyards very close to sliding into the water.

KRON4’s reporters say the waves in Pacifica are very big and dangerous.

As a result of El Nino-fueled storms, the City of Pacifica Friday has declared a state of local emergency.

“El Nino is hitting the City’s coastline very hard and creating almost daily reports of impacts to both public and private property,” City Manager Lorie Tinfow said. “We need State and Federal assistance to respond to the growing list of failing public infrastructure including the Beach Blvd. sea wall failure.”

Tinfow said the city has seen damage to the Pacifica Pier since mid-December. Private property on Palmetto and Esplanade avenues have also been impacted by the storms.

The areas along cliffs are experiencing significant loss to the top of bluffs, Tinfow said.

“Our investment in City streets and public utilities is also at risk as the erosion undermines the existing structures.” Tinfow said. “We hope all property owners along the City’s coastline are aware of how fluid the weather situation is and take appropriate precautions.”

Pacifica was also hit hard in the El Nino winter of 1997 to 1998. A number of homes on Esplanade Drive were declared uninhabitable due to heavy erosion and landslides that caused the bluffs under them to crumble into the sea.


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