My KRON 4: Vandalized Fremont Little League snack shack repaired


FREMONT (KRON) — Earlier this month, KRON reported that the Fremont Cal Ripken Baseball League had their snack bar vandalized, putting Opening Day in jeopardy.

But thanks to volunteers and many generous donations, they’ll be ready. On Friday, a shopping spree donated by Smart & Final means they will be well-stocked.

The entire baseball community came together to repair the damage and replace many of the stolen items.

“The very next day after the news broadcast we had someone bringing us a bunch of bats and pitching equipment,” league spokeswoman Jennifer Treat said. “It was just absolutely tremendous the amount of support that we can’t thank can’t thank everybody enough for.”

Treat also said the Oakland A’s and the San Francisco Giants also came to the team’s aid.

The season opens on March 2.

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