Video: San Francisco opening Super Bowl 50 Emergency Operations Center


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) —¬†Security is a high priority when hosting a large event like the Super Bowl, and San Francisco will open the Emergency Operations Center on Saturday.

The center is usually activated in the event of a disaster, but officials will be posted in the center to respond to emergencies that may arise during the event.

Telephones and computers lined the tables where members of the Emergency Operations Center will be stationed until the Super Bowl is over. Representatives from local, state, and federal agencies will be working together to respond to every imaginable emergency, from terrorism to water main breaks.

Specially trained officials will be at the ready to respond.

“From the state, we will have the California National Guard. We’ll also have the state’s Office of Emergency Services here, and from the federal government, we’ll have FEMA, and we’ll also have some representatives from the Department of Defense,” Department of Emergency Management spokesman Bijan Karimi said.

There are regular telephones, satellite phones, and other back up forms of communication available for police or fire officials to coordinate resources in the event of that type of emergency. But there could be a power outage or some other type of emergency. Representatives from PG&E and other utilities like wireless carriers will also be there.

“If something’s comes up, and there is a crowd control issue, the police department that is here in the room would be able to talk to the public safety officers, and they would be able to get them to the right location,” Karimi said. “If something else came up, not related to Super Bowl City, (like if) there was a large fire somewhere in the city, other resources could be redirected here.”

The center will be staffed from Saturday until the end of the Super Bowl.

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