Australian driver deliberately killed 17 kangaroos

This photo released the RSPCA in Queensland shows an RSPCA inspector photographing dead kangaroos lying on the roadside in the outskirts of Brisbane, Australia, Monday, Feb. 1, 2016. A driver deliberately ran down and killed 17 kangaroos in the outer Brisbane suburb, the RSPCA said Monday. (Michael Beatty/RSPCA via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

SYDNEY (AP) — Seventeen kangaroos have died after being deliberately run down by a driver in Australia, an animal welfare group said Monday.

The carcasses of 16 kangaroos were found Monday along a 100-meter (300-foot) stretch of road in the eastern city of Brisbane, said Michael Beatty, a spokesman for the RSPCA in Queensland state. Another kangaroo had to be euthanized because of its injuries. Many of the animals were young, Beatty said.

“They’ve definitely been deliberately run over,” Beatty said. “You can quite clearly see the tire tracks where they’ve gone off the road to hit them.”

The group has asked for any witnesses to come forward with information.

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